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Enthusiastic patent attorney in search of the best solutions

What Motivates Me

As a patent attorney, I am confronted with very complex issues relating to patents, trade marks and designs each day. I love the intellectual challenge of understanding new technologies and finding the best solution in difficult situations. Breaking down these complex issues in a simple and understandable way so that even laypersons in this field can make the right decisions, is my aim. What is the most economically viable alternative for a company? How can we achieve a goal most effectively? With my large network, I can also help my clients beyond the specific issues of patent, trade mark and design law.

And: I love to pass on my knowledge in a way that is as easy to understand as possible. Some colleagues criticise me for putting the industry out of work. I can only consider that the opposite is true, at least for me and the law office. Have a look on my Youtube channel, where I have already published over 200 videos on patents, trade marks and designs.

How It Started

How did I actually become a patent attorney? My first employer was a nanotechnology start-up that had spun off from the Bayer Group. After completing my doctorate in chemistry in this field at the State University of New York, it was certainly an exciting job. During my doctorate at John T. Welch, he had already assigned me to discuss the inventions with the patent attorney there. That was my first contact with the field. During my time at this nanotechnology start-up, I worked closely with a patent attorney on my own developments and was also always up to date on what the competition was working on based on the patents of competitors.

Unfortunately, as is the case with some start-ups, this start-up went bankrupt. I was even unemployed for a short time. During this time, I spoke to various patent attorneys about how to become a patent attorney and what the day-to-day work of a patent attorney looks like.

I then took the bold step of training to become a patent attorney. On the one hand, after studying chemistry and gaining my doctorate, I had to do an apprenticeship as a patent attorney. On the other hand, I also had to study law for patent attorneys. And there is hardly any way back: Research companies practically don’t hire chemists who have left the lab. And in view of the fact that almost 3/4 of all candidates always fail the examination for admission to the European Patent Office, this is not an easy decision.

However, I have never regretted this decision for a day and I am a patent attorney with great enthusiasm.

What my clients are saying

Further Voices

“I am the editor of “Der IP-Rechts-Berater”, a monthly journal that deals with legal issues of copyright law and intellectual property. Rolf Claessen is our frequent author concerning patent and trademark topics. He is always very reliable, dealing with tight deadlines quickly and efficiently. His work is top quality and makes him a pleasure to work with.”
Elisabeth Ivanyi, August 2014

“Rolf has looked after our interests in Patents and trademarks in the EU, and is very easy to work with and speaks English perfectly, which makes it easier for us doing work in the EU market. I can recommend him without hesitation.”
Geoff Stuart, July 2013

“Rolf has handled my trademark issues for my German trademark HPRühl® as well as my international trademark to my complete satisfaction. He is very competent and engaged and a fair partner to deal with. He just started his own and very recommendable podcast “Der Markenpod” which immediately made it into the Apple podcast charts. I can strongly recommend Rolf to be your partner in any trademark or patent issue.”
Hans Peter Rühl, July 2013

“Rolf is a talented and experienced European Attorney. One can be sure that your cases are in safe hands when you work with Rolf. A great advantage is that you can be sure that the person to whom you entrust your cases is dependable and trustworthy. Working with Rolf has been a great pleasure for me.”
Rahul Vartak, July 2013

“Rolf has very good skills in patent and trademark law. I worked with him in many patent and trademark infringement cases successfully.”
Nils Weber, July 2013

“Rolf is one of the colleagues, I am always delighted to work with. He has a strong technical background and his legal knowledge is indeed extremely comprehensive. I particularly like his detailed as well as diligent analysis and advice. Since I know Rolf for quite some time, I can clearly recommend him as excellent patent attorney and friend.”
Thomas Dienwiebel, October 2010

“I had the pleasure of working with Rolf at School of Nano Sciences and Technology. Rolf had the unique mix of being innovative and team player at the same time, which made it really fun to be engaged in projects where Rolf was a key player. He performs really well under pressure and with tight deadlines. I would definitely recommend him as dedicated individual and team player to any business unit. Definitely an A plus person to work with.”
Jawid Mirzah, June 2008

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